It’s always full of changes. Some minor and some completely life altering. My absence has primarily been because of the massive changes that have taken place in my life (aaaannndddd because I’m lazy. Duh. ) The last 4 months have been crazy and I don’t see that changing any time soon but I am trying to embrace it. I made some choices that didn’t exactly pan out the way that I wanted. It’s almost like I tried to keep two separate worlds. I compartmentalized people and things and categorized them base off of the things that helped keep me in post change and things that were pre-change. Now life has happened. It seems like it was a little too good to be true to separate the two worlds and maintain stability.

The Collide

It’s been beautiful to see it unfold. To see all the colors mix together and create this beautiful landscape of hope. It’s been empowering and caused me to have conversations that I thought I would never have. Make choices based off of what is best for me instead of some romantic and unrealistic notion of the future. The changes and collide are intimidating beautiful which ultimately makes me feel blessed to have it happen at all.

Life is good. It could be so much worse. But the sky is bright and the sun is out.

I’m officially living my life for me


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