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And the bell peppers were…


A S U C C E S S!! For those of you who don’t know, I am not a big fan of cooking. But because I have become a big fan of not being a fatty, I have had to make some adjustments.

Once again, thank you to the lovely Pinterest for inspiring this meal. I saw a picture of some stuffed bell peppers the other night as I was perused the boards of Pinterest. The original recipe called for brown rice and some other things but I thought I would make my own version of it! For this recipe I used some lean Kosher turkey meat, white onions, mushrooms, celery, carrots and diced tomatoes (everything was fresh except for the tomatoes. Kill me.) I cooked the turkey first so it could brown then added the onions. I let it simmer for a bit then tossed the celery and carrots into the mix and I let that sucka cook!! Last but not least I added the mushrooms and diced tomatoes. Once I thought the carrots were soft enough I put them into the hallowed out bell peppers. I wasn’t too sure about the heat in the oven so I just put it on 350. As the oven was heating up, I sprinkled some low fat mozzarella onto them and put those babies in the oven!! Couple minutes later, they were devoured. Check em out!!





I obviously suck at life..


Yea. Took me another month to create another post. Don’t know what it is in particular about today that is giving me the urge to blog but here it is! After such an amazing night of sleep, I did some cleaning. And let me tell you, it wasn’t that glamorous. My dog has this little side yard where she takes a crap every day. Fortunately, there was someone creative enough to think of Wee Pads so all the poop and pee are in one area. Unfortunately, our neighbors have this annoying tree that sheds pounds of these pods and leaves all over the floor. Because of this, my dog thinks its cool to drag all the fallen leaves into the house. Wrong. Not cool. So I took the time to sweep it all up. And of course because of the winds right now, as I am sweeping there are more pods falling on the floor. Fail. Epic Fail. Either way, I was able to get it pretty clean.


I’ve started this thing called Body by Vi. Two shakes a day to replace meals. Good luck to my fatty self! Luckily enough the shakes don’t make we want to puke and I can mix it with other ingredients that I like!! SO my weight loss adventure begins! And this said adventure has inspired me so much that I decided to make some snacks! Thanks to the amazing Pinterest I found a recipe for Qunioa Bites ( I know that there are not a lot of people that are a fan of Quinoa but I happen to love them!!! Came out pretty tasty but definitely know the adjustments I would make future forward.  Check em out!




a couple of them fell apart so I had an early snack but because of the number of calories they are, I might to have to consider them a meal. According to my Fitness Pal app, 3 of the bites comes out to 357 calories (calculation is based off of me actually taking the time to enter in all the crap that I used to make it so it could be more or less)

Also found this great recipe for some cookies!! In case you didn’t know, I adore baking. It makes me happy and because I love baking, I love to eat baked goods. duh. Of course, thanks to Pinterest I found something that will help satisfy the cravings I get for sweets! I call them Colbert Cookies (after the guy who apparently came up with it or blah blah blah ). I calculated them via Fitness Pal to be about 92 calories per cookie! I was a little hesitant about these but they actually came out really good! they aren’t too sweet! Check em out!!



Hopefully, I don’t go too crazy and lose my mind of this one!