Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Day to try new things!


Sundays are usually my days to just relax but for some reason I was on a mission! Started off the morning organizing the tupperware and pans in the kitchen after not being able to find the tupperware I wanted and having a pan almost fall on my foot! It was also a day to try some new things! Abby went to our local CVS recently and went a little cray and bought all of these nifty nail polishes that come with a fancy applicator so you can do your own designs. Here’s a picture of what I crafted along with a picture of the productImage

Yesterday also reaffirmed for me that I am definitely a baker and definitely NOT a cook.  Made some zucchini chips and they didn’t really come out the way that I thought they would so it was kind of a fail. BUT I did do a little baking and made some pop tarts! Thanks to Pinterest, I found this awesome recipe for Strawberry Nutella Pop Tarts ( I ended up on making them for Valentines day for the office. This time I made my own variation with apples and crunchy cookie butter from Trader Joes! I must say they are delicious! Here’s another picture–


A Disney day!



such a beautiful day yesterday! One of the beauties of living in Los Angeles is the decent weather we get in the spring that is not too hot and not too cold! I haven’t been to Disneyland in a month which for me is pretty long! With another impending trip with my sister for her birthday, it was nice to dip my feet in and go on all of the little humans favorite rides! Here are some pictures! Hopefully you enjoy them!